Hell fire was designed to totally destroy. Do a word search on perish, consume,destruction,waste, etc.

Dan 7:11I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the horn spake: I beheld even till the beast was slain, and his body destroyed, and given to the
burning flame.
Clearly if the evil beast doesn't suffer for --eternity-- and he caused a lot more sin then you ever did. Why in heavens name would a loving,mercifull
compassionate Father punish us like the false teachers claim?

Because the
religious hucksters want to control you with fear, or are simple deluded with hate filled doctrines. I'll give these moroons the benefit  of the doubt and
suggest they didn't research outside of their church's doctrine.
Yet others were down right religious criminals,and brought upon themselves honest mans God given wrath.

The event that brought the latent crisis into the open was the public sale of
indulgences by a notorious Dominican friar, Johann Tetzel, in 1517. He was the Vatican's
"Apostolic Commissary for all Germany and Inquisitor of Heretical Pravity" during the popedom of Leo X (1513-1521).
His indulgence-brokering activities, which
soon aroused Luther's righteous indignation, were part of a corrupt and
ambitious ecclesiastical scheme by Leo to provide funds for the reconstruction of St.
Peter's in Rome,
the most lavishly expensive mass house of Romanism. It cost £12 million, a colossal sum in 16th-century terms and more than all the money
expended on it by successive Popes, and took 111 years to build. Leo was advised by
Cardinal Pucci to publish a sale of indulgences throughout Europe for the
purpose of replenishing the pontifical exchequer and finishing the work on St. Peter's
begun by Julius II (1503-1513). Little did they realise that the project, paid for
by their dupes both rich and poor, would cripple the permanent resources of the Papacy and lead to the decline, if not the downfall, of Romanism.
Hell: The misconception
Christ drives the money
changers out of the Temple
(John 2)
As soon as the coin in the coffer
rings, / The soul at once into
Heaven springs. (Tetzel's poem)
Your "Get Out of Hell Card"
The Sale of Indulgences