Albert Pike 1809-1891
A satanist that spoke 16 ancient languages
fluently and predicted three world wars.
The Coming of Sananda
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The following is an excerpt from the website of a U.S. diplomat named Wayne Peterson who was brainwashed
by these fallen angels in 1982.

"It was not long afterwards that I was contacted by a representative of this group, in a most unusual manner,
and offered the chance to meet their leader Maitreya, the World Teacher. That one-hour meeting changed my
life forever," says Peterson, "and it was so profound that I was reluctant for many years to talk of this and
subsequent meetings with members of this remarkable group. Gradually, however, as I began to open up at
private meetings and dinner parties in Washington and abroad, I found that my experience was not so unusual.
I was able to discuss Maitreya and his ideas with
personal friends of the Pope, businessmen close to the
U.S. president, foreign government leaders, and a number of influential people both in the U.S. and
Many of them have had special experiences similar to mine."

My understanding is that Maitreya has been preparing not only influential people but a large corps of
journalists, and that he will soon begin to appear on a series of major TV interviews and shed his remarkable
insights on the means to solve the current world impasse. As one who has had the privilege to be aware of
some of the preparations for these broadcasts, I feel that the time is ripe to relate my experience outside of
government circles and share the knowledge I have gained. If what I have to say can help dispel the cloud of
angst so prevalent now, then coming forward will have been worth it. I can assure you: the future is bright."

If you want to read the rest of this misguided man's account, you can do so here:
Maitreya the World Teacher (a.k.a.
The Christ) - As he allegedly
appeared in Kenya in 1988. He is
alleged to have privately appeared to
thousands of individuals, performing
miracles and wonders and convincing
many of the truth of his mission.
(Wayne S. Peterson is one influential

Paraphrased from
2 Cor 11:14  Satan transforms himself
into an angel of light